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One of the most important milestones of Opel was the Opel Monza,  In 80’s  that became the fastest in the brand. A vehicle that supposedly was only going to be another version of the Opel Senator ended up becoming a much more important car than this.

Opel Monza

Opel Monza

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Want to know what the story is behind this Opel classic?


Opel Monza:  Commodore Coupé

The Commodre Coupé, one of the classic Opel models, was lowering its sales in the 70s and Opel needed to find a substitute. In 1976 the project “Opel Monza” began and, in just 2 years, the car was already being sold on the street competing with the BMWs and the Mercedes.

It was an exaggeratedly large car and yet it was not as luxurious as its competitors. There was too much space inside and comfort was not a plus compared to the luxury price this car had.

In addition, he had too many parts removed from the Rekord E1 and E2, so sometimes when he drove it seemed like he was in that other vehicle. It did not seem that Opel was going to succeed with this model and the critics soon arrived.

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The engine saved the Monza

Despite all these negative aspects, the Monza ended up triumphing. Why?

Because its engine and handling capacity was really impressive. That he was one of the first to use the McPherson suspension was largely at fault, since the stability was total despite the size of the Monza.

In fact, the engine was so good that at that time it was the fastest car of the brand. It reached 215 km / h and in just 8.5 seconds it was able to go from 0 to 100.

Opel decided to fix this decompensation between the interior and the exterior and changed the interior too similar to the Rekord for the C series. The entire interior received a new color, more indicators and a much more luxurious appearance and related to the price of the vehicle.


2013: can the Monza return?

In 2013, Opel presented the Opel Monza Concept, a vehicle project to recover this classic from the 80s. It is a luxury 3-door coupe that seems to be taken from a movie, since it is simply spectacular.

According to the CEO of Opel (Karl-Thomas Neumann) “the Monza 2013 is the example of how we want to make cars in the future”. Therefore, it is possible that in these years (it has not yet been commercialized) we discover that Opel makes this great vehicle reborn again.

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