Original Knight Rider Car


In our country this famous series was called “The fantastic car” and who does not know this spectacular car. People who lived childhood in the 80s dream of having a fantastic car like KITT someday. And even automakers today are looking for that autonomous vehicle, who would not want there to be a car capable of doing what KITT did, and being able to call it when we need it.

The Pontiac Trans Am was the typical old-school “muscle” American car. It was a great car on the straight tracks. A 7456 cubic centimeter engine with fantastic acceleration. Disc brakes and a limited slip differential for better takeoff.

Only GM could offer anything close to high-performance machines in the late 1960s and early 1970s, with the Chevrolet Corvette and Pontiac Trans Am proving it. In the mid-1970s they put the Camaro aside to accommodate the Pontiac as a muscle car.

What happened to Knight Rider car? Original Knight Rider Car, KITT, Pontiac Firebird, Pontiac Trans Am, Technical Side, Design, and more.

Original Knight Rider Car

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The fantastic car Pontiac Firebird.

The fantastic car Pontiac was a 1982 model, third-generation Pontiac, with a complete redesign, a steeper windshield, a large hatchback with a metal-less rear windshield supporting it, its hidden “pop-up” headlamps being the main feature. that distinguishes the third generation of the Firebird.

Pontiac Trans Am

If anyone wanted a muscle car in 1974, there was only one option for the Pontiac Trans Am. Production of the big-block Camaros had been discontinued. The Trans Am’s engine was the Super Duty 455. It was the last bastion of Big Cube power. Its output power was reduced when restrictions on polluting emissions appeared.

The cars that came out after ’74 came with the Ram IVB camshaft and produced 310 horses; the later ones produced 290.

Perhaps what I remember most about this Pontiac Firebird was its burning bird on the hood. The fantastic car did not have it, but I do remember that as a child I had a 1/34 scale car with these characteristics.

Technical Side of Pontiac Firebird  

V8 engine, block and cylinder head in cast iron, 7456 cubic centimeters, four-body carb, 310 horsepower, 3-speed automatic transmission, a large car with 4.98 meters in length and 1655 kg.

Design of Pontiac Firebird  

The phoenix in the bonnet, soft bumpers both in the front and in the rear, manufactured with urethane foam, lined on the outside with black rubbers, which absorbed the impacts when parking.

Air vents all over the place, Pontiac made sure it looked powerful and aggressive. The bulging fender, a few extractors on the fender and the very peculiar vents that it brought in the hood, turned back, finished off the aggressive exterior appearance.

One of the new features that came standard was the limited slip differential LSD, which prevented wheel slippage as much as possible.

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