Owen Magnetic Cars

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Owen Magnetic Cars

Owen Magnetic Cars


International Fabricating Corp., Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

Engine Own
Cylinders 6
Bore and Stroke 4 x 5 1/2
Rated H. P 38.40
Brake H. P 80
Shape of Cylinder Valve-in-head
Cast Threes
Valve Lift  3/8
Camshaft Drive Helical gear
Cooling System … Pump
Oiling System .Force feed-splash
Carburetor Zenith
Fed By Vacuum
Ignition Bosch
Start and Light Magnetic
Spark Plugs 7/8
Clutch Owen Mag. Trans.
Rear Axle Make . American
Type Full floating
Gear Ratio (H) .. 4.00
Car Drives Thru . Springs
Torque Taken By Springs
Wheelbase 142″
Tires 65″
Tread 35 x 5″
Rims Firestone
Rear Springs Semi-elliptic
Weight 5200

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Year Model Cyl. Serial Numbers Sale Price 1922
1916 0-36 6 501-1299 225
1917 M-25 6 1301-1799 500
1918 W-42 6 1801- 1,000

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Below is the Advertisement which is published on news paper in 1920  about OWEN MAGNETIC cars.


The driver of an Owen Magnetic sits at ease at the steering wheel, controlling a thousand speeds with the touch of a finger.
The unfettered freedom of motion is premely exhilarating. Mechanics are utterly forgotten—your hands never leave the steering wheel.

Passengers share equally in this driving ease and riding comfort. Long trips are possible without weariness. The pleasure of touring never wanes.
The Owen Magnetic offers the choice of five extremely elegant bodies–Limousine, Coupe, Touring sedan. Touring Car, Sports Phaeton.


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