Porsche 911S Targa Classic

Most famous Classic cars of the world Porsche 911S Targa Classic

porsche 911 targa 4 gts Model.

This model is a 1973 model car which is the final model year of the narrow 911, and can be said to be a classic Porsche with a degree of perfection that can be fully used even in modern times.

The 911 Series has been continuously improved since it was released in 1965, but the body style has changed significantly since August 1973 due to environmental issues and safety improvements that are increasing year by year.

Porsche 911S Targa Classic

Porsche 911S Targa Classic

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The so-called Narrow Porsche 911  model was last in July 1973, and changed from August 1973 to a successor model called the so-called Big Bumper. In 1979, a 930 type turbo appeared.

The model was the 901 model until 1977 after the Big Bumper, but in 1978 the  model also shifted to the 930 model.

After the Big Bumper, the weight of the car increased year by year, and the light and sharp driving that was described as “razor-like” in the narrow age gradually faded.

The vehicle will be the model that decorates the end called its narrow Porsche. In addition, it is one of the rare, Targa top equipped.

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The engine is 190 hp equipped with a 2.4-liter North American version equipped with mechanical injection. Except for the Carrera RS launched in the same year at 210 horsepower, it is the narrowest engine.

The power that pushes out powerfully from low speed still feels the power of a 2.4L engine realistically.

If you start running, it will go from low speed to the red zone at once, and you will hear a powerful and powerful intake and exhaust sound.

Combined with the lightweight body, it can be felt more agile than the output of 190 horsepower, and you can fully enjoy the charm as a narrow Porsche.

The mission is also a 915 type 5-speed mission, which has improved durability, the pattern has a low gear in the normal position, and the touch is more accurate and familiar.

The Targa Top model is equipped with a movable triangular window even in the 73 model.
When driving on open air with the top removed, you can enjoy the exhilarating drive feel while enjoying the powerful exhaust sound.

This Targa body was developed and matured by Porsche before its release, not to mention its robustness and safety.



This car was delivered as a new car on the west coast of the United States in 1973, and has stepped on Japanese soil in 2001. Since then, it has been cherished by successive owners. Emerald green has been repainted from the original color light ivory.

The interior is in good condition as you can see. You can see how the meters, switches, and faces were treated with care. Only the speedometer has changed from miles to kilometers.
The original dash panel is also beautiful. Good door lining and other interior conditions.

Almost original exteriors, such as front hoods and door panels. Overall it is in good condition.
There is no evidence of battery base corrosion and of course no major damage. Below, the floor is in good condition.

As mentioned above, even with the Targa body, it has a solid feeling unique to the 911, and straightforward and light handling makes driving fun.



The brakes are also equipped with special S calipers, and they are effective enough. If you ride normally, you can drive from town to high speed without any anxiety.Of course, it is a vehicle of the condition that can start without doing anything as it is at present.

Although it is one of the few 73-year-old 911S Targa in Japan, only 925 units were produced in the same year, producing only 925 units.