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In the early 1970s, Porsche was looking for a model that could replace the legendary Porsche 911. It was a vehicle that, despite selling well and having a reputation, was not entirely comfortable or fully functional for the more “general” market. of luxury cars.

The vehicle they designed and produced to replace the 911 was this Porsche 928. A car whose design was so, so good that in its 17 years of life (1978-1995) it underwent practically no change in design.

Porsche 928

Porsche 928

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What was so special about this classic from the Porsche brand?

Porsche 928

That was the name with which Ferdinand Porsche presented in the Christophorus magazine this 928 in March 1977. The media campaign for this model was very extensive, since it also took the vehicle to numerous other magazines and to fairs as important as the Salon del Geneva car in 1977.

The designer and greatest supporter of this model, Ernst Fuhrmann, was convinced that the 911 would be the biggest bestseller in the entire history of the brand. The positive reviews of the magazines and the good reception in the fairs towards the same presage. However, that did not happen.

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Sales of the Porsche 911

Sales of the Porsche 911 were very, very slow. Its base price was very high for the time (much higher than the Porsche 911) and there was a technical feature that lovers of the brand did not like: the water-cooled front engine. Accustomed to the rear engine, Porsche fans renounced this model.

At least, this model could boast of winning awards wherever it went. It was voted Sports Car of the Year by the Stuttgarter Autozeitschrift magazine, got a gold medal from the British Institute of Transport and Automobiles and, above all, was named Car of the Year in Europe in 1978 ahead of two tough competitors like the BMW 7 Series and the Ford Granada.

All the success that was in the awards, was not reflected in sales. Even so, during these 17 years the model shared the market with the Porsche 911 and other models that followed it later.


Production of Porsches 928

Despite not selling excessively well, the number of sales in the United States was not a bad thing. Its large V8 engine allowed it to be the fastest car in the world in 1986 (277 km / h) and that also attracted many collectors and speed buffs.

During its 17 years of life almost 62,000 Porsches 928 were produced, selling most of them and being, today, a very economical jewel in the classic car market.


Price of Porsches 928 

Because, as we mentioned before, Porsche lovers were not very satisfied with this Porsche 928, today you can find models in very good condition for about $ 25,000. Considering how great a car it is, that price is truly a bargain for anyone who has fallen in love with its design.

It failed to relieve the Porsche 911, but it made its place in history with its advance in design and engine. Perhaps the Porsche 928 came to market too early? It may be, but like all vehicles it had its share of success more recognized in the world of specialized criticism than that of the general public.

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