Safe Driving Instructions of Ford Antique Cars

This article is contained a Detailed instructions of Safe driving of Ford Antique cars.

  • Brakes
  • Steering Gear
  • Lights
  • On the Highway
  • Railway Crossings and Main Streets
  • Street Cars
  • Left and Right Turns

Detailed instructions of Safe driving of Ford Antique cars, Here is about Ford classic old cars instructions for Brakes, Steering Gear, Lights, On the Highway & Railway, Left and Right Turns.

Safe Driving Instructions of Ford Antique Cars


The most essential point in connection with safe driving is the condition of the brakes.   Keep them adjusted and apply them properly when coming to a stop.   Apply the brakes gradually, without disengaging the clutch.   This allows the engine to act as a brake.   Just before coming to a stop the clutch may be released and the brakes applied firmly.   This method lessens the tendency to skid or to lock the wheels.


Steering Gear

Examine the Steering Gear and Front Axle frequently as these units, if out of proper adjustment, make control difficult.



Make certain that your lights conform with the law.It is a good plan to carry spare Head and Tail Light Bulbs at all times.


On the Highway

Give undivided attention to your driving.   In passing traffic be sure there is a place for you in the line ahead.

When other vehicles try to pass you, let them pass.

Always signal before you slow down, stop, or change your course.

Never back up before ascertaining that the road behind is cleared.


Railway Crossings and Main Streets

In entering main streets or highway, or in approaching a railway crossing where a full view of the track is obscured, stop and look.


Left and Right Turns

Before reaching a corner where a left turn is to be made, pull over near the center of the road and signal the direction of your turn so that the drivers following may have your intentions and set their course accordingly.

In making right turns, pull to the right hand side of the road and signal.Always allow sufficient time so that other drivers will not be endangered.


Street Cars

Stop the proper distance behind a street car, taking on or discharging passengers.


Carbon Monoxide Gas is Deadly




You should be especially careful and drive slowly while in the neighborhood of a School.   Approximately 31% of the people injured by motor cars are children.

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Safe Driving Instructions of Ford Antique Cars Article Source : This article courtesy should goes to Ford ” A New Car ”  ( Year 1922 ) Instructions guide of Ford Motor Car Company of Canada.

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