Super Russian Car Lada Niva

This article is all about most famous Super Russian Car’s Interior – Lada Niva

Super Russian Car's Interior - Lada Niva

Super Russian Car’s Interior – Lada Niva

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Lada Niva Super Russian brand

The Lada Niva / Vas-2121, an all-terrain vehicle of the Russian brand AutoVAZ, was launched in 1976, an all-terrain vehicle created to circumvent the extensive terrain of the so-called Soviet Union, an all-terrain vehicle with a monocoque body, independent suspension in the part Front and rigid rear axle, with bass and mechanical lock on the permanent four-wheel drive (4X4) differential, used three different differentials (center, front and rear) a system used today by the Toyota FJ Cruiser, Transmission transfer includes a high and low selector and a center differential lock selector.

The original Niva had a top speed of 130 km / h (80 mph), and cruised at 90 km / h (56 mph) with a gasoline consumption of 8.25 L / 100 km (46 km / gallon). Niva towing capacity exceeds 860 kg (1900 lb), we’ve seen him bailing out more modern vehicles.

The mechanics were developed by Fiat, a 1.6-carbureted four-cylinder engine, with 76Hp and a four-speed gearbox, in 1985 they brought it out with five-speed, a car with good mechanical performance, robust, simple and economical maintenance, it is really a campero, an all-rounder.

Some people say it is the best car built in Russia, it has lasted for 40 years, used on unfavorable terrain, the “Russian tank” for particularly agricultural use and in the former Soviet Union in the military ranks.

Thanks to its advantages, all terrain was well received in Colombia. In 1979 he came to the country, we saw it in its four-change version, in 1996 they made some improvements, they installed a single-point injection 1.7 engine, in 2001 they fitted him with bushings, a fiber burner, a visor on the hood and They marketed as the Bronto Fora. These cars still exist in Colombia and there is no representation of the brand. Spare parts are manufactured in Colombia.

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A robust and powerful camper, ideal for the Colombian topography, displaced by modern SUVs and SUVs that have advanced security systems, family entertainment systems and the comfort of a luxury car.