The Cooling System of Ford Antique Car

This article is about The Cooling System consists of  Ford Antique Cars, Here we talk about –

  • The Radiator and Connections.
  • The Water Jackets around cylinders and valves.
  • The Water Pump and Connections.
  • The Fan.


The Cooling System consists of  Ford Antique Cars - The Radiator and Connections,Water Jackets around cylinders and valves,Water Pump and The Fan.

The Cooling System of Ford Antique Car

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The Cooling System

The function of the cooling system is to prevent damage to the working parts by counteracting the heat generated by explosions of gas in the cylinders.   In the Model A circulation of water is by Thermo-Syphone System and centrifugal water pump.

Thermo Syphon is simply the principle that hot water rises allowing cold water to take its place.   Thus when the engine is started the water around the cylinders flows up to the upper radiator tank, down through the radiator where it is cooled by a rush of air and then into the cylinder jacket again.This circulation is assisted by the pump located in the cylinder head.

Cool air sucked in through the radiator and blown by the fan around the engine aids the cooling process. By means of this cooling system, quick starting in cold weather and sufficiently cooling in warm weather are assured.

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Care of Cooling System of Ford Antique Car

  1. Always keep the system full of water. It holds 2/12 imperial gallons.
  2.  At regular intervals drain and flush the system. To do this open the drain cock in the bottom outlet pipe and run clean water in the filler tube until it flows out clear at the bottom.   Then close the drain cock and fill the System
  3. Regularly lubricate the water pump and fan shaft through the alemite fittings
  4. Regularly inspect water pump packing.Packing is used to form a water tight connection around the water pump shaft.   Should a leak occur at this point tighten the packing nut by turning to the right with a screw driver.

Do not tighten more than is necessary to stop the leak

  1. To adjust the fan belt—The “V” shaped belt which drives the fan from the crankshaft also drives the generator Adjustment is made by loosening the generator mounting stud and moving the generator.The fan belt is adjusted at the factory and should not be changed unless it is slipping.   It should not be tightened more than sufficient to prevent this slippage.

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The Cooling System of Ford Antique Car Article Source : This article Courtesy should go to Ford  ” A New Car ” instruction guide ( 1922 ) by Ford Motor Car company Canada.

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