The Lubrication System of Ford Antique Cars

This article is all about The Lubrication System of Ford Antique Cars

The Lubrication System consists of two parts


(a) The engine lubrication system 
(b) The chassis lubrication system


Lubrication is one of the most important items in the life and satisfactory performance of your car. Lack of lubricant will result in friction and wear, perhaps the entire breakdown of the dry parts. Make it a point to lubricate every part of your car REGULARLY.


The Lubrication System of Ford Antique Cars : engine,chassis,Steering Gear,Distributor,Springs and Front Wheels Lubrication.

The Lubrication System of Ford Antique Cars

Engine Lubrication


The engine is lubricated by a combination of gravity and splash systems fed by an oil pump. For these system to function properly, there must at all times be sufficient of oil in the engine.

Oil is poured in through the filler pipe on the left side of the engine, and its level is shown on the indicator located just behind the filler pipe. Oil should be kept up to the “F” on the indicator, and under no circumstances should it be allowed to get below the “L”.

Only a high-grade medium oil should be used in the engine. Oil of this quality reaches the bearing surfaces more easily and has sufficient body to withstand the pressure between metal surfaces.

In cold weather a light grade of oil having a low cold test is essential for proper lubrication.
Heavy inferior oils have a tendency to carbonate quickly and gum up the piston rings, valve stems and bearings.

Periodically the crankcase should be drained and filled with fresh oil. Oil in time becomes diluted with gasoline, filled with grit, and loses its body. Such oil is apt to do much harm to your engine.

Adding fresh oil does no good in this case, as three quarts of bad oil plus one quart of good oil equals four quarts of bad oil.

Drain off the old oil by removing the oil pan drain plug.
Be sure to replace the plug before filling with fresh oil.


Lubrication of Differential and Transmission


Every 5,000 miles the transmission and differential should be drained and the gears and inside of the housing flushed with kerosene.The housing should then be filled to the proper level with fresh lubricant.


Lubricating the Steering Gear.


Every 2,000 miles special steering gear lubricant should be used in the steering column. This special lubricant is procurable from Ford Dealers everywhere.


Lubricating the Distributor


The distributor should be kept clean and well oiled. Put oil in the oil cup at the side of the distributor every 500 miles. Add sufficient oil to reach the level of the oil cup. Every 2,000 miles remove the distributor cap, clean the lobes of the cam and apply a light film of Vaseline.


Lubricating the Springs


A graphite oil sprayed by pressure gun will keep springs in good order. Another plan is to stuff oil soaked waste between spring and cross member.


Lubricating the Front Wheels


Every 5,000 miles the front wheels should be removed and the bearing packed with grease.
Lubrication of the Clutch Bearing.The clutch pilot bearing at the front end of the clutch is thoroughly packed with grease when the car is assembled and will not be necessary to lubricate this bearing until such time as the clutch may be removed. Whenever the clutch or transmission is removed, the bearings should be repacked with a good grade of cup grease.

Approximately every 2,000 miles lubricate the clutch thrust bearing. This is done by removing the hand hole and turn the bearing until the lubricator fitting is at the top. Lubricate the bearing by means of the compressor grease gun.

Note the clutch is a dry disc clutch and must not be oiled.


Greasing the Car


A high pressure system of lubrication is employed in order to properly lubricate all bearings equipped with a conical shaped fitting. By using this system we are assured of a more positive lubrication than can be employed any other way.

A compressor is supplied with the tool equipment of the car. By means of this compressor lubricant can be forced into all bearings provided with the conical fitting.


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