The World’s Best Classic’s – Chevrolet sprint turbo

The World’s Best Classic’s – Chevrolet Sprint


Chevrolet sprint turbo Engine

It is a segment A car and its technical characteristics are as follows: 993 cc gasoline engine, 3-cylinder in-line; its power is 46.77HP at 5100 rpm; its maximum torque is 7.86kg-m at 3200rpm and it is 3.6 meters long.

The World's Best Classic's - Chevrolet Sprint

The World’s Best Classic’s – Chevrolet Sprint

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Chevrolet sprint turbo History

The Chevrolet Sprint was built in 1985. Initially it was marketed under the name of Chevette Sprint and soon afterwards they decided to leave it as chevrolet sprint to differentiate it from the chevette (manufactured at the time by Opel). It is a creation of the Japanese brand Suzuki, which had already worked with small and high-powered engines, the sprint is a family car, economical in every sense, with low fuel consumption.

It was a very commercial car, it came out in two versions, the first version lasted only a year and the units were square, it came with a full rear suspension spring, the second version already had some modifications where it came with a wider bumper, new panel instrument, two plate lights, the streetlights came with interchangeable bulbs and spirals for damping.

In 1995, as a commercial strategy, an exclusive race was created for a brand, the Chevrolet Sprint Cup, which as a curious fact in this race stood out as a youth pilot Juan Pablo Montoya, for this model they took it out with luxury wheels and added single-point injection to the year 1997.

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Chevrolet Sprint Taxi

In 2002, the version of the Chevrolet Sprint Taxi was launched, with which Chevrolet enters to compete in the public service sector. In other countries it was sold as Suzuki cultus, Suzuki forsa, in Canada it was known as Pontiac firefly.

A very particular three-cylinder, six-valve, 50 Hp carburettor engine was fitted with a double venturi carburetor and they managed to improve the power to 53HP and by incorporating the injection system they improved the torque from 7.6 to 7.7 kgm / 3,300 rpm.

It remained in production 18 years until 2003, we still see it traveling on Colombian roads, many wanted to have a car like the sprint, a car of the most loved in Colombia, for its compact design, fuel economy and ease of handling . It is still a very commercial car.