Turbo System of Motor Vehicles

The Turbo System is now one of the most compelling devices in diesel engines. Not only for diesel engines but also for petrol engines and Turbo systems, most are used for diesel engines.

When looking at why the engine system was such a device, we found a number of important engine issues

There are two kinds of engine types in the air system.

 Naturally aspirated engine

 Forced induction


The natural way to drag the engine to an engine is naturally aspirated engines, and a push-drive device such as Turbo  is called forced induction engines.

The air enters the normal vacuum system on the vacuum in the cylinder and on the location of the thermostatic valve. The vacuum in the engine varies according to the operating speed of the engine and when the engine speed drops, the higher vacuum and the speed increase the lower vacuum.

The ambient velocity of the gas is also varied, since the engine slows, the higher the air, the higher the air speed, Pull up.

This is called a cylinder filling (called cylinder charging). Filling a cylinder, or maximizing the cylinder charging, can maximize the power of the engine, but exceeding the limit, the cylinder fails to become the engine.

Turbo System

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If the engine speed does not increase whenever the ignition valve is running any more, it also increases the filling of cylinders and the engine does not increase.

When climbing a mountain, it will occur when there is a change of gear in the second gear instead of the first gear, when the vehicle moves in the second gear.

To avoid this situation, it is necessary to reduce the speed of the engine loading and to increase the filling of cylinders, reduce the engine load and speed up the filling of cylinders.

This is called turbo. In this case, the engine has been designed to reduce the cylinder barrier (planning the compression ratio) and avoid the filling of the cylinders, which are lowered at higher speeds to avoid overfilling the cylinder, when the engine is running slower and slower with a load, and pushes the gas into the cylinder To provide.


Therefore, Turbo operates at a speed of 2500 km per minute. For this purpose, only a turbo-valves system is used to operate the turbo. This control is carried out by the West Gate Volt by increasing the turbo speed by reducing the speed of the Turbo and increasing the Turbo Speed ​​when the engine loads are higher and the cylinder filling increases.


Turbo System


Inter cooler system

Turbo is required to fill cylinders at the highest levels. That is, the air is filled with air, or oxygen, into the cylinders. But the compressed air through the ventral gas turbine is too hot. When the temperature increases, the oxygen in the gas is inverted. That is, the oxygen molecules in a given air are quantitatively low. Hence, the air is cooled and its density increased and the amount of oxygen molecules increased in order to re-cool the air released from the turbine in an Inter cooler to the Inline Manifold.

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