TVR Tuscan Racer

TVR Tuscan Racer is reputed to be the highest performing Tuscan Challenge car which soon became one of the fastest and most attractive racing series in the UK.

A car as light as its bodywork, had to be handled carefully in the curves, was designed to participate in the TVR challenge, in 1988 its participation in the TVR 420 SEAC was prohibited because it was a faster car than its competitors.


The roar of its engine was creepy, a 3.5 liter Rover V8 engine in aluminum, steel block and crankshaft, four down draft carburetors, evolved to a 4.4 books with 395 hp @ 7000rpm, accelerating from 0 to 97Km / h at 3.6 seconds, a 5-speed gearbox, four-wheel disc brakes, its tires were thin and used a broken OZ Racing wheel.

TVR Tuscan Racer

TVR Tuscan Racer


TVR Tuscan Series

In the 80s they were the fastest cars in their class, being excluded from the TVR they created an exclusive series for these cars the TVR Tuscan Racer. In this series, as all the cars are identical, greater credit is given to the drivers, mechanics and endurance.


An impeccable design, a fiberglass bodywork, they tried to convert it into a street car, but its high cost would lead to a change in its design, which is why they brought out a car that they called Griffith.

TVR is a sports car brand from England, it has a higher annual production than that of Ferrari, the most recent prototype of the house is the TVR Cerbera Speed ​​12, a 7.7 liter 790hp V12.

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The 414 Hp TVR Cerbera which is the most popular sports car and one of the cheapest that costs 80,000 euros.

A car born for the show, the Tuscan series continues to provide some of the best racing cars for pilots and spectators to enjoy around the world. Here we leave a link for you to see the Tuscan speed 12 against the Bugatti Veyron a jewel of sports cars.