Vector Movie Classic Cars

The Vector W8M12 was the first most extreme super sports car built by USA. With the latest technology of the time and an exotic design. In what could be called the American response to the Lamborghini. Produced between 1990 and 1993, manufactured by Vector Aeromotive Corporation, designed by Gerald Wiegert and David Kostka.

Vector Movie Classic Cars

Vector Movie Classic Cars

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The most modern technology available at the time was used. Many of the engineering solutions derived from the famous Group C cars such as the Jaguar XJR12LM or the competition Porsche 962 plus some constructive details of the aircraft industry.

Technical details of The Vector Cars

The Vector was originally powered by a V8 Donovan aluminum engine, but it was also equipped with the Lamborghini V12 engine and who was going to think that with 4 more cylinders it would reduce the power by half.

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Engine of Vector Cars

V8 Bi-Turbo central engine
2 valves per OHV cylinder

Displacement: 5,973 cm3
Garret twin turbos

Power: 625 hp at 5,700 rpm
Torque: 854 Nm at 4,900 rpm
Limit: 7,000 rpm

Rear wheel drive
3-speed automatic gearbox
0 – 100 km / h: 4.2 seconds
0 – 160 km / h: 8.3 seconds
¼ mile: 12.0 seconds
Maximum speed: 350.8 km / h


Length: 4,369 mm
Width: 2,083 mm
Height: 1,080 mm
Between axles: 2,616 mm
Brake discs: 330 mm
Front tires: 16 x 9.5 – 16 x 12 (inches)
Tires of / after: Michelin 255/45 ZR16 – 315/40 ZR16

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Design of Vector Cars

A design inspired by airplanes, in addition to using aerospace construction materials and methods. The Vector body contained materials such as carbon fiber and kevlar. Years before the other manufacturers started using them.

The chassis had a particular honeycomb construction. The chassis was a semi-monocoque structure, similar to the skeleton of an airplane. The chassis was built with steel tubes joined together by honeycomb aluminum, extremely light and above all, resistant.

Aerodynamics was quite good from the beginning, although high-speed tests were carried out that forced some modifications. The front of the car was redesigned and carried further down, airflow slots were removed and the large rear wing was modified. The removable glass roof was also removed, since at high speeds it vibrated causing a lot of noise.

Exotic and large doors in the shape of a seagull wing with scissor-shaped opening. Characteristic of the Lamborghini Countach and Lamborghini Diablo cars.

The interior of the Vector is suitable to reach ultrafast speeds. Its controls are similar to those of a true fighter, the sensation that produced traveling in this car, should be similar to that of traveling in an airplane or that was the perspective of its creators.


Due to its appearance, the Vector could be compared to any Lamborghini or Ferrari car. In 1993 Megateche appears who also owns Lamborghini and becomes owner. The Vector plans change and that is where the V12 engine of the Lamborghini Diablo appears, a less powerful engine and that is no longer that pure American blood.


Vector a movie car

A red copy appeared in the movie “Rising Sun”, led by a Japanese businessman. Two prototypes of the W8 were manufactured, of which only one worked.

A black copy was sold to tennis player André Agassi. The Vector were built by hand and each one took time, however an impatient Agassi demanded that the company deliver its W8 as soon as possible and Vector delivered the vehicle as agreed but unfinished.

Representatives of the company told him that he could show the car, but warned him not to drive it until the final work was completed. After suffering a breakdown, Wiegert and Vector Aeromotive had to return to Agassi the $ 455,000 that the car had cost him.

Agassi’s W8 was repaired and the car was resold. Finally, 17 units of the W8 Vector were built and sold.

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