What is a Pontiac GTO muscle car?

What is a Pontiac GTO muscle car? Here is all about Pontiac GTO.

In 1964 there was a problem: the middle or lower class could not access sports cars. Despite the fact that some brands had lowered the prices of its high range, it was difficult to access it unless its pocket was quite full.

But then, in 1964, the Pontiac GTO hit the market and revolutionized the market. Not because he sold more than any. Not because it was a car designed 100 times better than the rest. It revolutionized the market by being the first muscle car.

What is a Pontiac GTO muscle car?

What is a Pontiac GTO muscle car?

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What is a muscle car?

Let’s start at the beginning. They will not be able to understand the importance of the Pontiac GTO without knowing what the definition of muscle car is:

It is important to emphasize several points of this definition. Firstly, these muscle cars were inexpensive and accessible to the general public, despite having powerful engines and a 100% sporty design. And secondly, the vehicle’s engine used to be much higher than what other models similar to them had at the time, so they consumed a lot of fuel.

The clearest example of muscle car today is the Dodge Charger, as it is a powerful and sporty vehicle with a price far removed from the classic Porsche, Ferrari and other luxury brands.

Pontiac GTO

The history of the Pontiac GTO, at least its first stage, is short and intense. They were only produced from 1964 to 1974 by the Pontiac brand, which sought to go further and create a model that combined all the qualities of its Pontiact Tempest and Pontiac Ventura. And he got it.

There was a lot of expectation for this muscle car, but something threw all the expectations of Pontiac’s best sellers to the ground: the oil crisis of the 70s. If you think about it, precisely in the middle of an oil crisis a muscle car, which consumes a lot of fuel , it is not the most attractive.

For this reason the Pontiac, and many other American models of a similar cut, have been overwhelmed by the cheap European sedans since 1969. It is sad that a vehicle like this passed without pain or glory for its time, when today it is one of the cars most coveted classics.

The 2nd opportunity of the GTO

In 2004 the Australian company Holden decided to rescue the Pontiac GTO and created a small variation of the Holden Monaro naming it as the new version of the Pontiac GTO. They outfitted it with an LS2 engine similar to that of the Holden Corvette and delighted hundreds of collectors who always wished they had a Pontiac in their garages.

This small second chance only lasted from 2004 to 2006, as from that year Holden again left the Pontiac aside to focus on other more profitable models.

Pontiac GTO in Movies &  Television

The GTO is not only the first muscle car, but it is also one of the most used cars in film, television and even video games. You can see it in movies like “XXX”, “Sex Drive”, “The Last Journey”, “Boyhood” or even in the series created for the movie Cars called “Cars Toons”.

In video games it is a classic of the entire Need for Speed ​​saga and has also appeared in different editions of the XBOX Forza Motorsport and Project Gotham Racing sagas.

How much does a used Pontiac GTO cost?

You will be able to get this vehicle if you are able to raise around $ 30,000 for the ’69 or ’67 versions, which are the most coveted in the classic markets. Would you be willing to spend that money on the GTO or would you rather do it on another classic?

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