What is Lead Free Petrol Meaning – Unleaded Petrol

When we go to the Shed to hit the petrol or the Diesel, we can buy fuel types. We could understand many of these names and there was another nation called “lead-free”. And do you have lead fuels?

Yes, today we are talking about the leaded fuels.

Used as petrol engines for ordinary engines, the high-powered engines were simply petrol. But since the supercharging of the engines has begun to be overpowered by the engines, the petrol engines have not turned out, and because of that, they have been damaged by a collision.



The reason was that when the petrol mixture was put under heavy pressure, it was burned to a point in time. This caused the engine power to be expected, and the exhaust valves were severely damaged. As a result, in 1921, a chemist, a chemist, discovered that it was possible to overcome the problem by collecting lead by adding lead to petrol. From then on lead leaded fuel was used for high-performance automobile engines.


By collecting lead, petrol was able to withstand stiff pressures. Although they were heavily compressed, they did not burn unnecessarily before the timing. Therefore, leaded petrol was popular at the time.



Over time, however, there were a number of restrictions on lead from lead from various countries. It was because lead was a toxic substance. Due to the high level of environmental pollutants lead to the death of those who live in the busiest areas of the city. Later, the percentage of lead levels in their blood was too high. For this reason, laws developed for the use of lead and the phasing out of lead.

Catalytic converter was also used to control toxins in cars, amid other environmental laws. But the lead in fuel contained a lot of damage to the Catalytic Converters. So even auto makers encouraged people to promote their zero fuel economy to their cars.

Accordingly, since 1996, lead oxidation was banned in most countries for normal motor vehicles. But the use of lead-containing fuels still occurs in the world. Lead-fueled fuels are used not for ordinary cars, but also for aircrafts, off-road vehicles, barges and boats.

The amount of lead that is released into the air is very low compared to that of cars.

Accordingly, even in Sri Lanka, the use of lead-based fuels at the fuel hut or even the use of ordinary liquids is prohibited in Sri Lanka. Therefore, you will never be able to easily find fuel containing lead, and not lead.





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