What is Porsche Sportomatic?

What is Porsche Sportomatic?

The Sportomatic was one of the best Porsche car model’s and clutch less transmission offered from 1968 to 1980.

What is Porsche Sportomatic?

What is Porsche Sportomatic?

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The engine is a 911/61 type engine that has been used since 1973, and has a displacement of 2.4L / 140 horsepower and is equipped with the K JETRONIC injection, which has been adopted since that year.

Of course it is in great condition. It may seem weak when you look at the display alone, but the natural power feeling before the exhaust gas regulations became stricter turned sharper than expected, with the power required and sufficient.

The gears are equipped with a Sportmatic 925/00 type 4-speed transmission, which ensures a secure touch and comfortable shifting.

If you start running, there are punches in addition to the low speed, and when it is over 3500 rpm, the air-cooled unique intake and exhaust sound is echoed, and it can be said that it is a power unit that can fully enjoy the charm as a narrow 911.

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Of course, the interior is in a wonderful condition without complaints as you can see. Condition that you can ride as it is with less pain in red leather.

Equipped with optional leather-wrapped steering and 3-point seat belt. In addition, the factory air conditioner is also fully equipped with equipment and options.

The gap between the door and the front and rear hoods is also natural and a positive impression overall. Naturally, the rigidity of the entire body is not lost, and the handling is simple and nimble, the touch and effectiveness of the brakes are sufficient, and combined with Sportmatic, it is possible to use it from the city to the highway. It’s the perfect 911 to drive on holidays with a pleasant engine sound.

We have been telling about the fun and functionality of Sportmatic Mission for a long time. Sportmatic users who have imported in the past will also be able to experience the benefits, and will be free from the joyful shift operation like a manual transmission vehicle, and from severe clutch operation in congested road conditions and various situations. I hear that it is a great advantage.

Developers, test drivers, and factory racing drivers have taken serious measures to reduce the burden on drivers in long-distance races, and have put a great deal of effort and technology into this mission.

After 45 years of production, these cars are the best of Porsche, compare to power and performance.