What years did BMW make the 2002?

What years did BMW make the 2002?

BMW make the 2002 model in 1968, this was the first turbocharged car on the market in 1973. Until then, there was no car equipped with a turbo engine as standard equipment, and it was the only option that Chevrolet Corveyor adopted as an option.

What years did BMW make the 2002?

What years did BMW make the 2002?

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The concept of installing a more powerful engine in the 02 series which was excellent in practicality as a 2-door sedan, equipped with a 4-wheel independent suspension type suspension and also excellent in handling was very interesting and attractive, Sales of high-performance cars became difficult everywhere due to the oil shock from the cage, and production was discontinued in 1600 units in just a few years.

The luxurious engine combines a KKK / turbo unit with a mechanical injection made by Kugelfischer. 170 horsepower that was nearly 30% more powerful than the normal injection model 2002tii, a powerful one at that time.

The mission had a standard 4-speed and an optional 5-speed. The Japanese version was sold by Valcom Trading, the official import agency of the time, but most were 4-speed manuals.

In addition, the Ministry of Transport at the time did not recognize any additional body, and the 02 fender’s characteristic over fender was not put on with screws, but was put on purpose and sold.

The interior is also equipped with bucket-type sports seats, a rear spoiler made of urethane, and an air dam spoiler lettered with TURBO in reverse letters on the front, which is an exciting feature at that time.
Equipped with ventilated discs with larger diameter brakes, wider treads and wider tire sizes of 185 / 70.13. If you come this far, it can be said that it is completely different from the normal 02 sedan.

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This vehicle will be manufactured in late 73 or 1974 based on the serial number. However, the registration for the first year is 1976, and it means that it has not been registered for several years since it was imported.

The engine is quiet, smooth and powerful. In the case of the Mitssion, the touch is excellent, and together with the original pedal rubber that is not worn out at all, it shows this low mileage. The rigidity of the body is also high, so you can not feel the parts that are worn out and pained by running.

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